Where to begin?

So i’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time. There are a few topics that it’d be cool to share some knowledge on, maybe get some people interested and see where it leads!

The problem is always where to start.

Home Automation seems like too broad a topic to really get into without some discussion of all the concepts, technologies, approaches and ideology. The difference between a few smart devices and a truly smart home is a chasm that I could dedicate a few posts chattering on about.

Then there’s electronics, gadgets, software, hardware, crypto-currencies, web design and i’m sure lots more that i’m interested in that I could bore on about for a while.

So here we go. I’ll start like this.

I don’t know what i’m going to talk about. I imagine some of it will be useless, but i’m going to attempt to get some posts out to see what happens, and if anyone is interested. If not, it will just serve to document so of my ideas that I may otherwise forget!

Wish me luck.

Rob Stokes